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It is becoming increasingly popular that we have lived together for many years before tying the knot, with that in mind your home is already full of the usual wedding gifts you would expect. Bride and Groom’s are now opting for money and vouchers towards their honeymoon as a gift from their wedding guests. Take a look below at a few examples for your gift poem wording:

Example 1

When thinking of a gift for us
We ask if you’d please consider
Contributing to our honeymoon
to make it all the sweeter.

Our house is full of all the things
a couple could require,
and so a holiday away
is what we most desire.

Then while we’re relaxing on the beach
or by the pool so blue
we’ll sit back and know
that it is truly thanks to you!

Example 2

We are sending out this invitation
In the hope you’ll join our celebration.
We know it’s not traditional
It’s not the way it’s done,
But instead of a wedding list
We’d like a bit of sun.

Please do not think of us as rude,
Please do not take offence.
We do not want to upset you
That’s not the way it’s meant.

We’ve lived together quite a while,
And all the bills are paid.
We’ve got out plates and pots and pans.
Our plans have all been made.

So if you’d like to give a gift to help us celebrate,
Some money towards our dream honeymoon
We would appreciate.
But most importantly we request,
That you come to our wedding as our guest.

Example 3 

So what do you get for the Bride and Groom,
Whose house has things In every room?
When shopping for a present, please, don’t be rash,
As the option is there to just give cash,
We hope that you don’t find our request to be funny,
But the decision is yours to buy a present,
or just give money,
Now you have the choice please do not fuss ,
the most important thing of all,
Is that you come and celebrate with us!

Example 4

We know it’s not tradition
It’s not the way it’s done,
But instead of a wedding list
We’d like a bit of sun.

We’ve lived together quite a while
And all the bills are paid,
We’ve got our plates, our pots and pans,
Our plans have all been made.

We would appreciate your help though,
To send us on our way,
A contribution to our honeymoon
In a land quite far away.

But, most importantly, we request,
You come to our Wedding as our guest.
To share with us our special day
And have some fun along the way.

Example 4

We haven’t got a wedding list,
the reason we’ll explain,
We have two of everything,
our home is bursting with the strain!
So we shall need new furniture,
for our new and bigger nest,
High Street shopping vouchers or a cheque
would be the best.
So, if you’d like to contribute,
to our soft and cosy rooms
Our heartfelt thanks go out to you
with love
The Bride & Groom

Example 5

We are sending out this invitation
In the hope you will join our celebration,
But if a gift is your intention
May we please take this opportunity to mention,
If you were thinking of giving a gift,
to help us on our way
A gift of cash towards our house,
would really make our day.

Example 6

Your presence without presents
is enough to make our day,
We haven’t made a wedding list
of gifts, in any way,
Should you wish to give us cash,
we surely won’t say no,
So we can buy the things we like
to help create our home.

Example 7

We haven’t got a gift list,
for all of you to see,
Because as you all know,
we never can agree!
But if you’d like to help us,
start our married life,
Cash or high street vouchers,
would save a lot of strife

Example 8

We’ve been together quite a while and have a lovely home,
There are not too many items that we don’t already own.
So if your thoughts were on a gift, your presence will suffice,
But if you really feel the need then vouchers would be nice.
The choice is really up to you and we would like to say
We hope you come, enjoy yourselves and have a lovely day.

Example 9

We would prefer your wedding presence,
rather than your wedding presents.
But if you really do insist,
then please visit M&S for our gift list:

[insert gift list website link]

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